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MÁV Zrt.

Welcome to the homepage of MÁV Group!

The Hungarian railway, an industry looking back on a 160 year-old-past, has always played a significant role in the economical and infrastructural operation of the country. Since 1993, the company has been operating as a state-owned service-provider shareholder group, under the official name MÁV Zrt. (MÁV Hungarian State Railways Private Company by Shares).

Last years an important change commenced in the life of the Hungarian railway and hereby as a matter of course in the life of MÁV Co., whose main activity until mid-2007 had been railway transport. In accordance with the market needs, the Hungarian State Railways transformed into a modern MÁV Group, and henceforth the following business branches continue their operation as separate companies: passenger transport is operated by MÁV-START Railway Passenger Transport Co., traction services are catered by MÁV-TRAKCIÓ Railway Traction Co., vehicle maintenance and servicing is operated by MÁV-GÉPÉSZET Railway Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs Co.

MÁV Co. – as the parent company and central controller of the MÁV Group – is henceforward the number one railway company of Hungary, and with its employees, 20.000 in number, it is one of the country’s largest employers. Besides managing the group of companies, the operation of railway infrastructure services and the central control and back-up service provider organisations (procurement, economic and human resources management, real estate management, security services etc.) still come under MÁV Co.

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